Breathe And Let Your Soul Take Control

Breathe And Let Your Soul Take Control
22/03/2016 Ninette Osei Wilson

Visuals have the capability to enhance our perception and understanding of a scenario. In some cases, moving images outperform words as some experiences, emotions, are too expansive for characters to pin down. A typical example where visuals surpass words is one of five film shorts ‘Breathe’, marking the opening of the 50th LGBT Film Festival.

‘Breathe’, directed by James Doherty encapsulates a story that most young homosexuals are likely to identify with: the discovery of self. Through the story of a boy who is inherently different to the other young males all part of a community of travellers, considered ‘soft’ by his father, this short explores the emergence of sexuality in youth. The pressure of conforming to societal ‘norms’,  as well as expectations from linear thinking family members. Uninterested in exploits such as boxing, hunting game to create a male bonding experience, a series of scenes delivers a life threatening ultimatum to the father: love and acceptance or hate and dismissal.

In the end will the boy succumb to society’s expectations or choose to be whatever he wants to be?

‘Breathe’ can be viewed alongside four other film shorts for free here

An appetising starter to commence the celebration of diverse and unique talent in LGBT film. Use the #fiveFilms4freedom hashtag to share the buzz around these eye opening shorts on Twitter. ‘Breathe’ comes highly recommended to whet your palette for more evocative screenings and events to come during the course of the LGBT Film Festival.

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