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  • Apr132016

    So, I’m Donating My Eggs


    It’s been on my bucket list since I was 14 years old. What triggered it for me was an egg...

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  • Apr112016

    An Interview with King Kellz

    The beautiful King Kellz blessed London with her presence last week, when she flew in from Brooklyn,New York for...

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  • Apr102016

    Looking For Something Special

    Travelling from London to the Midlands for an interview has brought me, a certain air of satisfaction, that I hope is...

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  • Mar292016

    An Introduction to Harriet Thugman

    Harriet Thugman is a name that I have known for a long time.

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  • Mar222016

    Breathe And Let Your Soul Take Control

    Visuals have the capability to enhance our perception and understanding of a scenario. In some cases, moving images outperform...

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  • Mar212016

    Three Strikes

    If life is a game, then black queer people quickly learn that different rules apply to them – or...

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  • Mar162016

    Still Single, Still Crazy

    My life is a movie, it’s like “Trainspotting” to be exact. Not that I live in a crack den...

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  • Mar162016

    The Internet: Ego Death Tour

    This was The Internet’s first time back on UK soil after performing here 2 years ago – according to...

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  • Mar012016

    Coming Out In Camberwell

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  • Feb262016