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  • Sep192016

    5 Tips On Getting Through University If You’re LGBT

    So, it’s time to go to university. Freshers week is around the corner and you’ve packed up your life...

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  • Sep102016

    World Suicide Prevention Day

    “Connect, communicate, care” is the theme for this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Having a mental illness is difficult...

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  • Sep052016

    Late Night With Kamasi Washington At The Royal Albert Hall

    Prom 61 Tuesday 30 August 2016 I first heard of Kamasi Washington back in May. We play music in...

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  • Sep032016

    Manchester Pride: Parade Review

    The parade is always my favourite bit of Pride, not only because it’s usually the only free and largely...

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  • Aug242016

    Step Into Brandon Smithson’s Inner Circle

    There are times when you and your friends go on a wild holiday, or do something daring and crazy or...

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  • Aug232016

    My First Speed Dating Experience

    Andreena and Gee Jay are well known for their monthly open mic event, Poetry LGBT which has been running...

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  • Aug192016

    Mikael Owunna Is Showing The World That LGBT Africans Are Limitless

    Limit(less) is a photography project Mikael Owunna exploring and showcasing LGBTQ 1st and 2nd generation Africans through photography and interviews....

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  • Aug172016

    My Gay Son And Me

    By Anonymous When my son was about 12 years old I decided that when I spoke about someone special...

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  • Aug162016

    BBZ London: The Queer And Non-Binary Night Out

    BBZ London is a relatively new queer friendly night in London, held at the family owned eatery and creative...

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  • Aug162016

    When No Isn’t Enough

    Trigger warning – rape/abuse We live in a society where women have become more sexuality liberated and empowered. We...

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