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  • Mar192017

    A Trans Man’s Journey To Transistioning

    Gender is a topic that has always occupied society but recently it has become even more of a hot...

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  • Sep192016

    5 Tips On Getting Through University If You’re LGBT

    So, it’s time to go to university. Freshers week is around the corner and you’ve packed up your life...

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  • Sep012016

    2016 MTV VMA’s Sweet Taste of Lemonade

    My favourite and not so favourite highlights! Rihanna opened the show and performed 4 times, dropping medleys charting her...

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  • Aug232016

    My First Speed Dating Experience

    Andreena and Gee Jay are well known for their monthly open mic event, Poetry LGBT which has been running...

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  • Aug192016

    Mikael Owunna Is Showing The World That LGBT Africans Are Limitless

    Limit(less) is a photography project Mikael Owunna exploring and showcasing LGBTQ 1st and 2nd generation Africans through photography and interviews....

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  • Aug132016

    Realising I Was Gay – Part Three

    Part 1 Part 2 The scene. Two words. Pretty straightforward right? Wrong. Meeting D opened me up to a...

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  • Aug012016

    Spend A Moment With…Liyah

    What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Admittedly one of the first things I do in the...

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  • Jul252016

    Becca Human Is The Creative Everyone Should Know

    Updated 27/07/16 Have you every thought about the afterlife?  Well Becca Human has explored it in her most recent...

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  • Jul192016

    Realising I Was Gay- Part Two

    Read Part 1 So, I’m about 16 now and starting college. ProfilePic had me hooked – switching between that...

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  • Jul182016

    Breaking News

    Since I last wrote here there has been a red banner printed on the bottom of my contact lenses...

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