The New YouTube Series Centering Trans People’s Experiences: An Interview with Kenny Jones

Transparency is an upcoming YouTube series based in London hosted by transgender people featuring transgender guests. The show will tackle various controversial topics that aren’t often discussed openly. I caught up with the show’s Co-Founder’s, Kenny Jones, to discuss his experiences and how he hopes the show will change people’s perceptions of the trans community. […]

RISE: QTIPOC Representation and Visibility in Film

BFI are delighted to have partnered with The Art Machine to bring you RISE – an exploration of QTIPOC (queer, transgender and intersex people of colour) representation and visibility in film. Elevating the narratives of QTIPOC characters, RISE will provide a platform to examine the importance of inclusion, both on and off screen, whilst inspiring […]

FOC IT UP – March Madness

✨ Join the FOC IT UP (Femmes of Color) Comedy Club in celebrating and centering the perspectives of POC in comedy that identify as women, non-binary or more feminine-of-center! 🤠 This month we’ll be celebrating the birthday of our host, Kemah Bob, with a line-up full of her funniest friends!! 🌴 Lick your Lips with […]

Evolution 2018: AZ Mag Live Night

After last year’s sold out AZ Mag Live, expect an evening of poetry, singing and dance; hosted by AZ Magazine’s very own, Tee Alo. Celebrating the talents of young BAME people in the UK with a focus on LGBT+ performers. After last year’s sold out AZ Mag Live, expect an evening of poetry, singing and […]

There by the Grace of Prince

After the success of our Beyonce show in January we are teaming up withThe Cocoa Butter Club once more! This Saturday we will be celebrating the gender destroying brilliance of two of the greatest queer icons of all time! None other than the incredible Miss Grace Jones and PRINCE. The queen that is Sadie Sinner The Songbird will be hosting […]

The Cocoa Butter Club Spectacular at Arcola Theatre w BBZ

WE FEELIN’ SPECTACULAR OUT HERE! Cure that dry and dusty Saturday 3rd March with a generous squirt of warm, thick Cocoa Butter! After our SELL OUT show at Roundhouse, we’re taking on ARCOLA THEATRE as part of Arcola’s Queer Collective festival! With AFTERPARTY dj’ed by Bbz London we’re tryna raise these funds for our Arts Council England […]

TM TAKEOVER PRESENTS MS. Brittany Duet & Friends

TM TAKEOVER LAUNCH PARTY X THE PRE PARTY FOR Déviant La Vi UK EDITION . . . . HOSTED BY MS. BRITTANY DUET AND FRIENDS . . . . ★★★Friday 23rd February- Finishes at 3:30am!★★★ . . . . ★ Music: Bashment, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats AND RnB ★ Over 21’s ★ Security Tight but Polite ★ […]