TM TAKEOVER PRESENTS MS. Brittany Duet & Friends

TM TAKEOVER LAUNCH PARTY X THE PRE PARTY FOR Déviant La Vi UK EDITION . . . . HOSTED BY MS. BRITTANY DUET AND FRIENDS . . . . ★★★Friday 23rd February- Finishes at 3:30am!★★★ . . . . ★ Music: Bashment, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats AND RnB ★ Over 21’s ★ Security Tight but Polite ★ […]

My Big Black Gay Wedding

The proposal They say every girl dreams of their perfect wedding day. For me, I dreamed of meeting my soul mate and spending a life of happiness together. I proposed to my girlfriend on a dreamy isolated beach in the Mediterranean. We couldn’t wait to go home and share the exciting news with our friends […]

London Queer Fashion Show

London Queer Fashion Show is a showcase of fashion, identity and expression. LQFS exhibits the greatest new talent, the people who know that gender exists beyond the binary, that clothing does not exist in male and female forms. The designers who are moving fashion forward to inspire and empower our city and society. LQFS gives […]

And The Rest of Me Floats Review

Gender seems to be the hot topic not only within the LGBT+ community but in the wider society. We’re in a time where Britain’s Next Top Model welcomed their first transwoman and Munroe Bergdorf became an ambassador for the major brand L’Oreal (we’re not going to talk the drama) and everyone is realising that gender […]

Foundation 2017

A PoC powered, queer centered, gender non-conforming artistic resistance ​ Foundation 2017 is an all day gathering that is pro Black, pro Queer and pro Hoe. While Foundation 2017 is completely inclusive, we principally provide a safe space for QTIPOCs to celebrate their culture and beauty. Line Up: Larry B ArA Harmonic BBZ Dylema Edges […]

Duckie Family Dinner

#DuckieFamily was filled with so much QTIPOC love, we are inviting you to: FAMILY DINNER a Sunday dinner rich in food, conversations and self-care Sunday 17 September 1pm – 6pm From curators Travis Alabanza and Kayza Rose, we present a more slowed down, relaxed, and easier Sunday afternoon: The Sunday dinner. Responding to the lack of spaces that […]

Batty Mama Fundraiser: Born in Flames – Queer Armed Revolutions

In preparation for the insane year of Batty Mama events we’re planning in 2018, Batty Mama are having a fundraiser, which is basically a chance for us to talk about one of our favourite films together and give you lots and lots of amazing, sexy things.. We’ll be screening the prolific science-fiction cult classic Born […]