Kemah Bob Serves us in Abundance

This week I was given the pleasure of sitting down to talk with the comedian, writer, producer Kemah Bob. Kemah is funny, gentle, incisive, and inspiring, a wise soul and trailblazer working hard to create safe spaces for femme people of colour in comedy and beyond. Kemah is the host of the FOC IT UP! […]

Film Review: Some Women

A recent report may claim people in the UK be more interested in the rising cost of living and the war in Ukraine than the issue of trans and lgbqia+ rights but the debate on social media has shifted to a less direct kind of petulance, asking how people feel about unisex toilets in the […]

Rainbow Migration launch ‘No Pride in Detention’ campaign to support LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers

No Pride in Detention is Rainbow Migration’s latest campaign looking to address the injustices faced by LGBTQI+ people in immigration detention in the UK. The charity is working in coalition with other prominent LGBTQI+ organisations including Stonewall and Mermaids UK, to lobby for an end in immigration detention for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers who are at […]

AZ Unlearns: Main Character Syndrome

Main character syndrome is a relatively new phenomenon that has risen to notoriety in internet (and thus popular) cultures. It refers to the self-delusion (often represented online) of being the protagonist in the ongoing, overly-dramatised saga that is one’s life. It’s a mentality that most social media users have a tendency to indulge in and […]