3 Days Until Afropunk Festival London 2016

Afropunk Fest London is in 3 days!

To get you through hump day we have a mixtape that was created as a nod to Activist, Film Maker and Musician Bree Newsome.

Newsome sheroically removed The Confederate Flag from above the South Carolina Capital on June 27th 2015.  As she pulled the flag down, she shouted these words: “You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence. I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today!”
Newsome was arrested and released on the same day. However the internet reacted quickly in the name of campaigns to raise money for her legal fees and petitions to demand she be set free. And quite rightly so! By July 9th, a vote had been taken by the South Carolina House of Representatives and the flag was finally removed.

#008: Free Bree

01. Intro: Young Paris (May 2015)
02. Bad Rabbits – How High
03. The VeeVees – Cream of Heaven
04. DRK / Juggernaut War Party – Different
05. Lolawolf – Risky Business
06. Interlude: Lolawolf (Feb 2014)
07. Thundercat – Them Changes
08. Interlude: RAAA Freestyle (July 2015)
09. Miss Baby Sol – On The Dole
10. Baby Baby – Teach You How To Dance
11. Palaceburn – Breathless (Premiere)
12. Interlude: Bree Newsome (July 2015)
14. Samurai Shotgun – Escape Above
15. Interlude: Nadine Hounkpatin (May 2015)
16. Temple of Dagon – The Wandering Spirit
17. Tunde Olaniran – Namesake
18. ALIGNS – Rock Out (Premiere)

Artwork: Sabla Stays

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