4 Days Until Afropunk Festival London 2016

Afropunk Fest London is in 4 days!

To celebrate the countdown, I chose five previously released Afropunk mix-tapes that signify the sign of the times we’re in. It’s unfortunate that some of the mix-tapes are now a year or two old and in most instances, there have been no resolutions nor repercussions for the way we’re being treated as a people across the globe.  We’re still being killed and our lives still don’t appear to matter. Fortunately we have the strength of our ancestors and an unwavering resilience to fight for change.  This mixtape is a tribute to a new generation of activists and to the activist in all of us.

#015: Where’s My Nina Simones? Where’s My James Baldwins At?

01 Intro: Adia Victoria Interview (March 2015)
02. Adia Victoria – Dead Eyes
03. Santigold – Banshee
04. RDGLDGRN – Just a Lie
05. Amber Mark – Space
06. Pure Hell – I Feel Bad
07. Interlude: James Baldwin on Education
08. Ganser – Audrey
09. Alpha Maid – Sublime
10. Mickey Lightfoot – Anxious (Modern Blues)
11. Interlude: The Heavy (February 2016)
12. The Heavy – Turn Up
13. Awukii – Tree vs Man
14. Interlude: Nina Simone
15. Michael Jablonka – Jet Packs
16. Dregas – Skin
17. Sugar Fly – Heartbreak City
18. Nina Simone – Revolution
19. Interlude: Nina Simone
20. Minority Threat – Pay to Live


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