4Play Premiere

The 4Play premiere took place on Saturday 4 June 2016 at the Lyric Theatre in West London. 4play is a new lesbian web series surrounding the lives of four women. Produced, written and directed by Stevii Campbell and Natasha Adams. The main members of the cast are: Karmah Cruz, Mystic Missy, Rhianne Sinah and Stevii Campbell. Most of the cast were dressed in white and people flocked together to take pictures in front of the 4play billboard.

On arrival guests and cast members were ushered into the private viewing screen to watch the first two episodes of the series. You could tell that the audience were immediately drawn in by their reactions to certain scenes as they watched the drama unravel.

4Play Cast (A.Z MAG)

The audience left the screening full of laughter and excitement eager for more action. The series covers a wide range of topics; relationship problems, addictions, homophobia, love and everything in between. The series is nothing short of drama.

After the screening we were led into a private room where guests were treated to a buffet with an assortment of light snacks and free wine and beer. You could feel the positivity in the room as everyone spoke about the screening and the amazing work that Stevii and Natasha had done. They have both worked hard on this project and it shows through their casting choices and storyline.

They topped off the night by ending it with a presentation of photos taken from each episode and with Kat (Choice FM) on the decks.

The producers of 4play appear to have the right ingredients and I think the webseries will be a success. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. It’s about to get juicy!

Lauren (A.Z MAG)


Watch 4Play Series here

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