5 Things You Learn When You Date A Straight Person

Some of us have been there, we have dated a straight person and found it to be an interesting experience to say the least. Life is all about growth and learning from the choices we make.

Here is a short list of 5 things you learn when you date someone that is not LGBT+.

1. They like being liked (attention seeker)

They lead you on, but when you get serious they want to run for the hills. Although they don’t really want to give you all of themselves, they want all of you.

2. They have no idea what they are doing in the bedroom

Let’s imagine that you have somehow managed to be in an intimate situation with the person in question. You’re kissing and caressing like teenagers but once the lights are off and the clothes are on the floor you come to the sudden realisation that you might have made a bad decision.

3. Lack of commitment

They will find excuse after excuse not to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. They might say things along the lines of; “my family won’t accept me”…”I’m going to try and work things out with my ex-bf/gf”…”I want to have a baby”.

4. Explaining the LGBT+ community

Do you live under a rock??

5. I don’t like men/women, I only like you…

They continuously remind you that you’re some kind of unicorn because, they’ve never been attracted to someone of the same sex and there’s something “special” about you.


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