5 Tips On Getting Through University If You’re LGBT

So, it’s time to go to university. Freshers week is around the corner and you’ve packed up your life to move into your new home. It’s more than likely that you have a lot of questions; will I like my flatmates? How am I supposed to eat? Will people care that I’m gay?

Here are 5 tips to help you get through university that probably weren’t included in the UCAS leaflet.

1. Pree. 

Take notice of everything and everyone around you. Being LGBT+ and PoC is beautiful and amazing but it also means being at risk of both racism and homophobia/biphobia/transphobia. This is particularly difficult at uni where you’re most likely living in an unfamiliar place where there might not be many people like you.

By keeping an eye out, you’ll quickly be able to notice people or places that are likely to be a little troublesome. You’ll also be more aware of LGBT+ PoC friendly spaces, where you can meet members of the community!

2.  Stay snatched.

This one isn’t about being LGBT+, it’s about slaying. One of the biggest tasks you will face while at uni is finding a new hair stylist, eyebrow lady, barber, nail technician, the list goes on.

Nobody wants to slack when it comes to grooming, especially at such an important time. So don’t be afraid to ask about and find a whole new glam squad to get you through!

3. Join your uni’s LGBT society

LGBT societies are great because they allow you to mix and mingle with LGBT people in your uni, which is a good way to make friends. Now in all honesty, there tends to be a lack of PoC in these societies, depending on your city of course. The best way we can tackle that is by joining and turning up to the events and encouraging our friends to do so!

4. Get to grips with the scene

If you go university in cities like London, Manchester or Birmingham, you’ll be lucky enough to experience a very vibrant gay scene. There are lots of clubs and events throughout the year to attend. Keep an eye out for any PoC specific events and you’ll soon be sure to find your favourite spot!

5. Be free

The most important tip of them all! Be free! For many, going off to university is the perfect time to come out of your shell and be exactly who you are. If you come from a town or community where being an LGBT+ PoC isn’t widely accepted, university can give you a fresh start and a clean slate. Use the opportunity to flourish and be unapologetically yourself.

As much as uni is a great time to have fun and gain new experiences, it is important to remember the real reason you’re there. Always remember that your degree comes first and foremost and achieving academically is the number one goal.

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