5 Ways Life Could Change If We Left The EU

The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe, the UK being one of them. If we left the EU, these are the things that might change.

  1. Immigration

Under EU law, Britain cannot prevent anyone from another member state coming to live in the country – while Britons benefit from an equivalent right to live and work anywhere else in the EU.

  1. Travelling within the EU

British visitors to mainland Europe would no longer be “fast-tracked” through the EU lines at passport control, unless the UK was willing to agree that there would still be full free movement of people between the UK and EU.

  1. Crime

EU measures such as the European arrest warrant make it easier to return fugitives to face trial and to transfer prisoners to their home country.

  1. Expats

British expatriates may have to stop living abroad in European countries like France and Spain if Britain leaves the European Union, the Government has suggested.

  1. Trade

Currently 45% of all products made in the UK are exported to the EU. Companies are given favourable terms to do this due to our membership. If Britain leaves this could make trade more difficult for companies and damage our economy.

Read more about the EU Referendum here.


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