African Artifacts Need To Be Returned

We’ve all been to a museum. Being shown around by an enthusiastic white male who knows about all the artifacts that the Museum stores.  Artifacts from different parts of the world, collected by European ‘explorers.’ 

Explorers who set sail to discover a new world not ‘looters or invaders’, just explorers. Gifting their kings and queens with tribal masks, clay pots and other fascinating objects that they picked up on their journey to a strange land. Shining gold and bronze statues of tribal gods and leaders. Drums from the motherland that tell a thousand stories of life before colonisation. 

The tour guide will lead us through the museum, showing us an Ancient Egyptian mask dating back to 5000 BC.  Or show us an Igbo tribal mask coming from the Land of Nigeria.

When I was younger, going to a museum would excite me as I loved history. But as I grew older I began to ask myself, why these artifacts were not in museums in the country they originated from? Were they gifted to Britain from all of these tribes?

Not knowing that they were ripped out of the land they rightfully belonged to; Brought to Britain as evidence so they can say they ‘discovered’ a new land; Conquered a continent and robbed them of the only remains they had of their ancestors.

Ethiopia has had hundreds of historical manuscripts and artifacts sitting in British Museums for the past 150 years. After Britain invaded Maqdala in 1868. Ethiopia is one of many African countries that fell victim to Britain’s thieving ways.

Last October there was a tweet about a 3000-year-old wig that was found in Luxor, Egypt. The wig belonged to Merit, wife of Kha, found in the tomb of the couple. It’s now sitting in an Italian museum. What is it doing in Italy? Why has it been taken from Egypt?  These are questions being asked in the comments of the post and they’re absolutely right! 

It’s time to give Africa back her artifacts. Britain and the rest of Europe need to round up all the objects they collected from the motherland and send them back.  Yes, I said Britain and the rest of Europe are thieves. They conquered our motherland and left with all our precious possessions, just so they can bring culture to their countries. 

We want our belongings back.  We have the right to display and celebrate the artifacts found on our soils. We don’t need our History to be told for us. For years African History has always been taught by colonisers. They write it to make themselves feel good. Getting our artifacts back will allow us to retell the stories of our ancestors.

Next time you enter a museum and you are greeted by a white tour guide. Telling you everything you need to know about Africa’s long-lost artifacts, just remember those objects your seeing displayed every so neatly where stolen. Remember that the countries that they belong to are waiting for them to come home.

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