Rainbow Migration launch ‘No Pride in Detention’ campaign to support LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers

No Pride in Detention is Rainbow Migration’s latest campaign looking to address the injustices faced by LGBTQI+ people in immigration detention in the UK. The charity is working in coalition with other prominent LGBTQI+ organisations including Stonewall and Mermaids UK, to lobby for an end in immigration detention for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers who are at […]

AZ Unlearns: Main Character Syndrome

Main character syndrome is a relatively new phenomenon that has risen to notoriety in internet (and thus popular) cultures. It refers to the self-delusion (often represented online) of being the protagonist in the ongoing, overly-dramatised saga that is one’s life. It’s a mentality that most social media users have a tendency to indulge in and […]

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené Represent Authentic Black Adolescence in The Offline Diaries.

Authors of Slay in Your Lane, Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke, make their fiction debut with The Offline Diaries. The book follows Adé and Shanice, two young Black girls navigating secondary school social dynamics, grief, new beginnings, and complex inner worlds expressed through a series of diary entries and social media interactions.  AZ recently caught […]

Tanya Compas Gives Young Creatives The Blueprint With Her Instagram programme ‘Erasure’

Youth worker, social media maverick, and founder of Exist Loudly, Tanya Compas has teamed up with Instagram as part of their Black Perspectives initiative, inspired by Instagram’s ongoing commitment to champion and support young Black creators to grow and make a living on and off the platform. Tanya has launched  Erasure; a two-day bootcamp where […]

AZ Unlearns: Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety refers to obsessive and often debilitating fears around money. For working class people it may seem unnecessary pathological to view money worries through a medical lens as it’s something most of us are forced to come to terms with from a very young age. Coming to terms with something is not the same […]

AZ Unlearns FOMO

Whether you’re one of the 27% of people who check social media first thing or (like me) you frequently find yourself at functions you have no business being at because you simply can’t resist the invitation, the fear of missing out is a feeling that most of us are familiar with. In fact, it’s one […]