AZ Magazine Creative Fund 2020 Recipients

After the success of the Creative Fund fundraiser and the hundreds of applications AZ Magazine received, five recipients have been selected. They will each be awarded £1,000 to create a work of art. In our continued collaboration with DJ Mag they’ll be sponsoring and mentoring one recipient, Xilhu Ese – to create a Dance music project of their choosing. 


Xilhu Ayebaitari Ese
Queer Rave is a revolutionary community/event founded by Xilhu Ayebaitari Ese that celebrates and represents queer, female and genderqueer Drum and Bass DJs. This vibe is something missing from the DnB/ Jungle scene, and Queer Rave is here to give recognition and empowerment to these underrepresented DJs. It is also an opportunity to reimagine and transform the DnB rave scene as an inclusive and open space that is accepting of all genders and sexualities. @ayebaitari__ , the founder of @queer.rave is a DJ, video artist/editor, performance artist that sees self expression as vital to our existence. Xilhu creates safe spaces where queer bodies can feel safe, infuse spirituality and freedom into the rave scene, deeply experience the rave as a ritual, and celebrate life through ecstatic dance.

James Indigo

James Indigo is a UK artist, who uses his experiences of growing up as an LGBTQ person of colour, to create an esoteric sound that is very much true to himself. He mixes his Jamaican/ British background with his queer perspective on pop culture, to create a fusion of sounds. His lyrics focus on themes of empowerment, embracing sexuality, celebrating diversity, and navigating a hostile world. Musically, he melds rap lyrics, with icy electro beats, and dancehall inflections, along with his unique energy. Authenticity is key to the message, and James insists on writing all of his lyrics and co-producing.

Black Mind

Black Mind is an ambitious multidisciplinary artivism* project, founded & directed by Rachel Nwokoro and creatively produced by Koko Brown, collaborating with & creating opportunities for artists from marginalised groups; specifically Black Deaf, Disabled, Neurodivergent and Queer people.


Tayris Mongardi 

Watch out, the Brightonian Black Barbie is back in stock! Tayris is the unashamed queen of Afropunk camp. Classical singer, Lipsync Assassin and incomparable compère, Tayris has dominated the queer cabaret and club scenes around the country and abroad. With a unique blend of comedy, politics and choreography, Tayris brings production and fire to any stage she steps on. Producer and Host of cabaret and media, Tayris aims to be an example of black excellence, and champions entertainment with a message. 

Kandace Siobhan-Walker 

Kandace Siobhan Walker is a writer and filmmaker from Wales and elsewhere. Her work has appeared in LUMIN, the Guardian and The Good Journal, among others. Her latest short film Last Days of the Girl’s Kingdom aired on Channel 4’s Random Acts. She lives in South London.

During this turbulent time whilst we’re unable to physically support each other, it’s important that AZ Magazine are able to continue virtually supporting our community – financially and otherwise.


In the Spring AZ Mag will be opening applications for five more Black LGBTQ+ to be awarded £1,000 for a project of their choice. For more information about the AZ Creative Fund please email

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