#AZBHMPoetry – ‘Ashe’

In honor of Black History Month, we will be sharing some poems both spoken and written for you guys to enjoy! This is ‘Ashe’  by Mica Hamilton.


The saviours of man kind
The Goddesses.
Those who do not have to fight this fight.
Those who walk within the figure of eight
And whose crowns grow towards the Sun
Whose skin emits the very light it soaks up
Whose eyes go back millennia
And whose backs refuse to break
Whose struggles are seen in their sway.
And their ways
And their refusal to die.
Holding the universe in their gaze
Their lips the shape of our broken hearts
Whose creativity is repeatedly stolen
Yet she creates more

For yours is the kingdom
The power and the glory.
For ever and ever.


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