I Was Born In The Right Body

I don’t believe I was born into a female body by mistake. I don’t believe ‘God messed up’, nor do I believe ‘God’ did this to make my life harder. To give me more challenges. To test me. To punish me. I believe I was born into the right body. I was meant to realise the discord between my physical body and my mind, and I was meant to embark upon a journey of not only finding alignment between my body and my mind, but I was meant to create a new definition of what it means to be a man through that journey.

I believe my soul chose to come down into a body with this discord because I believe my soul wanted to experience the finding of true authenticity through being embodied in this vessel. It is hard to find authenticity without experiencing inauthenticity, and so I believe my soul needed to experience this disconnect to then uncover the reason why, and through this realization, begin to experience authenticity. To make living authentically become my main purpose in life. From my gender identity, sexuality, career choice through to the type of lifestyle that lights up my soul. I do believe that we cannot experience what we want until we know what we do not want.

This is my body, my vessel, my gift, to use to experience life here on earth incarnate as human. I love my body, and I look after it. I serve it. It is my temple. It is my vessel to enjoy. To use to interact with my external and internal worlds. Therefore, it is my vessel to transform into anything I deem a better reflection of who I am inside. And so out of love, out of authenticity and out of my desire to continue my growth on this plane, I am transitioning. Not because the body I was born into was a mistake, but because this was the exact route I intended to take when my soul decided to inhabit this body. I am not destroying it, nor am I spiritually ‘killing’ it. Instead, I am giving it exactly what it so wants and needs to blossom into what it intended to become.

We are not freaks. We are not mistakes. We are not karmas punishment for ‘sins’ in previous lives. We are blessings that are here to bring the energy of authenticity to the world simply by virtue of our existence. Our world is entering a new phase, one in which authenticity is becoming more and more prominent, more desired, for our collective expansion. And we are one of the leaders in this energetic movement. We are so important and so right.

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  1. This is absolutely the most beautiful and powerfully written testament to the trans experience I have ever read. I was just having a conversation about the trans lifestyle only 2 days ago and was saying exactly what you started the article addressing. I asked, “Why is it that some people used the term ‘I was born in the wrong body?'” I couldn’t understand the determined statement and need to place blame or fault on a mistake of creation. There are now two people in my life who live a trans lifestyle and this article helps me to approach the subject with ease, respect and love. Thank you.

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