The Homogenization of Beauty

When I was thirteen, I read the Y/A novel “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield. It was about a dystopian future where everyone is considered ugly until they are turned “pretty” through government-enforced cosmetic surgeries at the age of sixteen.   While I enjoyed the book, I had always found the premise a bit silly.  The concept of […]

Sartorial Heritage of Fashion Sustainability 

Fashion sustainability is now synonymous with thrifting, charity shops and buying from slow fashion brands. While these are all crucial parts of ethical consumption in the West, we often forget that this particular understanding is not universal. When it comes to the Global South, definitions and practices of fashion sustainability differ across communities and geographies. […]

Review of the Nike Victory Swim Collection

Last year, with the launch of the wildly successful Nike Pro Hijab, Nike positioned themselves as forerunners in global sportswear brands explicitly considering and creating apparel with their female Muslim women customer base in mind. Come February 1st 2020, this streak continues with the launch of Nike’s ‘Victory Swim’ collection, a true game-changer in its […]

Amesh Wijesekera brings designs inspired by dreams, the unexpected, and surrealistic magic to Somerset House

Born in London, Sri Lankan designer Amesh Wijesekera, studied BA Honours in Fashion and Textiles at the academy of design in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After bringing Sri Lanka to the forefront of the fashion world at Graduate Fashion week in London, Amesh was chosen to represent Sri Lanka at the International Fashion Showcase 2019. Working […]

Mercedes Iman Diamond Talks Drag Race, Opulence & Representation

“OPPALANNNNNCE, YOU OWN EVERYTHINGGGGG” Every season on RuPaul’s Drag Race, there’s that one queen that wows us with an iconic catchphrase and this season, it came courtesy from the queen of opulence herself…Miss Mercedes Iman Diamond. Truly one of a kind, this East African beauty is the FIRST Muslim queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race hailing all the […]