Film Review: Some Women

A recent report may claim people in the UK be more interested in the rising cost of living and the war in Ukraine than the issue of trans and lgbqia+ rights but the debate on social media has shifted to a less direct kind of petulance, asking how people feel about unisex toilets in the […]

Confidence and Community: An Interview with Topher Campbell

Afro-Queer Artist and filmmaker Topher Campbell has over 20 years of experience in film,  theatre, performance, writing, and site-specific work. His work focuses on sexuality, masculinity, race, human rights,  and climate change. I recently had the honour of speaking to Topher about his latest documentary: Moments That Shaped Queer Black Britain.  Moments That Shaped Queer […]

Is This Character ‘Quirky’, or is She Just Autistic?

Exploring the relationship between autistic coded fictional characters in media and womanhood in a patriarchal world built for neurotypicals. Introduction Growing up, I was always drawn to fictional girl characters that were a bit odd, perhaps graceless at times, fanatic about their interests, who sported a goofy but loveable demeanour. Although I was unaware at […]