Film Review: Some Women

A recent report may claim people in the UK be more interested in the rising cost of living and the war in Ukraine than the issue of trans and lgbqia+ rights but the debate on social media has shifted to a less direct kind of petulance, asking how people feel about unisex toilets in the […]

Rainbow Migration launch ‘No Pride in Detention’ campaign to support LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers

No Pride in Detention is Rainbow Migration’s latest campaign looking to address the injustices faced by LGBTQI+ people in immigration detention in the UK. The charity is working in coalition with other prominent LGBTQI+ organisations including Stonewall and Mermaids UK, to lobby for an end in immigration detention for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers who are at […]

AZ Unlearns: Main Character Syndrome

Main character syndrome is a relatively new phenomenon that has risen to notoriety in internet (and thus popular) cultures. It refers to the self-delusion (often represented online) of being the protagonist in the ongoing, overly-dramatised saga that is one’s life. It’s a mentality that most social media users have a tendency to indulge in and […]

Intentional Weightloss, Shapewear and the Supreme Reign of Fatphobia

Intentional weight loss is a feat that is most commonly communicated through “before and after” pictures. These pictures are created by former fat people where the “before” pictures portray them looking their “worst” (fat and sad) and the “after” pictures display them at their happiest everything: their happiest body (thin), happiest state of mind, happiest […]

The AZ Creative Fund Is Back

In the summer of 2020 we launched a GoFundMe to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives and raised £25,000. I can’t believe that was nearly two years ago, time flies when you’re in a pandemic. We pledged £10,000 of funds raised to award 10 Black LGBTQ+ creatives to create a project of their choosing. The first 5 […]

Tanya Compas Gives Young Creatives The Blueprint With Her Instagram programme ‘Erasure’

Youth worker, social media maverick, and founder of Exist Loudly, Tanya Compas has teamed up with Instagram as part of their Black Perspectives initiative, inspired by Instagram’s ongoing commitment to champion and support young Black creators to grow and make a living on and off the platform. Tanya has launched  Erasure; a two-day bootcamp where […]