Children of Zeus: The Hip Hop Duo From Manchester

Children of Zeus

I came across Children of Zeus for the first time when they opened for Slum Village at the Jazz Cafe last month. They were new to me so it was a treat to come across some new talent! Both from Manchester, Tyler Daley sings and Konny Kon spits bars, DJ’s and makes beats.
Tyler has this rich tone to his voice, think Rapaheal Sirdec/ Garnet Silk / Stokley Willliams (lead singer of Mint Conditon). The vibe was of the Rare Groove/ b-;0Soul kind. If you like old school soul with strings you’ll love Children of Zeus.

They performed Push Push On, Still Standing then there was this one unreleased track (below) that I found out to my dismay that they just do as part of their set (inserts cry face) lol.  By the time they were done with their set, my brother and I agreed that we’d pay to see them perform as a main act! Check it out!


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