AZ Creative Fund FAQ


AZ Creative fund is a new fund launched in order to support 5 Black LGBTQ+ creatives to produce a project that will cement our art in history. If there is a question that’s not here which you would like answered please get in touch at


How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form answering all questions fully – Alternatively please send a video answering all the questions below. This video must be no longer than 4 minutes.


What can we spend the money on?

The purpose of the fund is to support 5 Black LGBTQ+ individuals/collectives in creating a project. There will also be a 2nd phase in 2021. Applicants have full autonomy over what type of project they want to submit. The funds must be solely spent on creating said project. Please note, this is not a hardship fund.


How much can we apply for?

You can apply for a grant of £1,000.


Can I apply if I am based outside of the UK?

No, our current fund is for projects in the UK. If this requirement changes in the future we will let you know.


Can a person apply both as an individual, and again as a collective for the same/or different project?

No, you only can apply as an individual or as a part of a collective. Not both.


What is required to make an application for funding?

You are required to complete the application form. You will have the option of submitting a written or video application in the ‘About Your Project’ section.


How many years does funding cover and do you cover multi year project funding?

We can only grant a one off maximum payment of £1,000.


Some people don’t have experience applying for funding and don’t know the language of writing applications – how will you support them?

We would like individuals and collectives to submit applications using the language they normally use to describe their work. If you don’t feel comfortable writing or if this is inaccessible to you, you can also upload a video to the application.


Will there be transparency on where the funding goes?

Yes, we aim to share as much information as possible about the individuals and collectives we have been able to support. 


How can individuals or organisations donate to the fund?

You can make one off or regular donation via our GoFundMe or Paypal

If you want to make a bank transfer and need our account details please email


I’m a journalist and would like to talk to you about what you are doing, who should I contact?

Please contact us


I am a philanthropist, from a trust or foundation, or local authority wanting to support this, how can I help?



Funders do not have decision making powers over the allocation of the fund.