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You know that one old friend that you haven’t seen in time? The one you consistently make arrangements to meet up with, who consistently lets you down at the last minute.  You may even find yourself rolling your eyes when you see their name flash up on your phone the night before a meet-up, because you know they’re calling to cancel on you. They quite frankly – sorry!- take the piss! But when you see them you’re reminded instantly of why you love them and their long ways.

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Photo credit: Blonde artwork

That’s the only way I can best describe my wait for Frank Oceans now released – on Apple Music – visual album Endless. Ocean gives us 18 tracks, with another 16 on new LP Boys Don’t Cry now released but under a different title, Blonde. You won’t get an eyegasm of Lemonade scented visuals (spoiler alert). I’m really watching my man build a spiral staircase as I type this!

What you will get is a puzzle of tracks that go together: RnB, Hip-Hop, Electric influences. Trap beats, instrumental and spoken interludes and great features. On LP Blonde, look out for Nikes, Solo, Nights and Godspeed. On Endless, listen out for Comme Des Garcons, Ambience 002: Honey Baby, Slide on Me, DeathwishRushes and previously released At Your Best, You Are Love to name but a few! 

You’ll either love them or hate them…there’s no sitting on the fence when it comes to our Frank, giving us all kinds of Futuristic Hip-Hop.

Watch Frank Oceans Endless visual album on Apple Music and Nikes video with Blonde track snippets here

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