An Interview With Holliwood

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with model and now author, Shaunna “Holliwood” Spivey-Spinner. She talks about love, life and her new book…

A.Z Mag: How are you?

Holliwood: I can’t complain, life is evolving, lives are changing and I’m just happy to assist in the change.

So, you do a lot of things? Tell us about them please.

H: Sometimes I do more than I should or could at the moment (lol), but to break it down I have currently taken on a new task as an author. I wrote my first book titled “Dear Self”. I’m an androgynous model, meaning I can switch it up anyway I feel fit. I work as a substitute teacher in my local school district and work at a family centre as a youth development specialist. I also am a DJ, which I haven’t really been taking that seriously but hey, if I put my energy into it, it’s possible.


Why is your name Holliwood?

H: I got the name Holliwood from playing basketball in middle school. I would always show off in my games and I guess it just stuck with me.

Tell us more about your book…

H: Yes, “Dear Self”. It’s actually a pretty good read, so I’ve heard. I just basically put down all my thoughts, experiences and losses into a compiled read.

What is the one thing that you are most proud of in your career?

H: My proudest moment in life would be self-publishing my own book. Writing it had taken a lot out of me but has also given me a better understanding of myself.

You blend gender stereotypes with the way you present yourself- why?

H: I hate titles. I never wanted to commit to one gender role; if you can be anything you want, why not be everything? Right?

Can you tell us your coming out story?


H: Coming out was very weird, even to me. I didn’t have to tell my family, especially my mother. My middle school principal did. She found me writing letters to my girlfriend at the time and I got suspended. She called my mother in for a hearing and told my mother I needed counselling because I had a girlfriend. She said it wasn’t normal to hold hands with another girl. Ironically, my mother never judged, asked questions or even said anything about my sexuality. She knew I was me, that I was happy and that’s all that mattered. Now as far as the principal goes, how can you keep a straight A star student and captain of the basketball team out of school? You can’t! Especially because I was gay!

What’s your favourite colour?

H: My fave colours change but right now – it’s in the olive green area.

Favourite restaurant?

H: I love love love Bubba Gump. It’s flipping amazing.

Rum or Vodka?

H: I’ll take vodka

Dear Self is available on Holliwood’s website.

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