Honouring Prince Rogers Nelson

For a career that spanned 40 years Prince broke down musical barriers and transcended male conformity with his style. He was the true example of how to live as your authentic self.

Influenced by the likes of James Brown and Bruce Springsteen, Prince was an artist whose songs have made their way into most peoples lives. Even if you weren’t a fan directly, I’m sure you’ve heard Sinéad O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You, Chaka Khan’s Feel for you and Manic Monday by The Bangles. These are just a mere few that were written him.

According to NeoSoul.com Prince has recorded over 260 songs for his own albums and over 43 non-album tracks. He has written and recorded over 180 songs for a wide range of artists. Anyone who’s listened to a Prince vinyl record will know that some of Prince’s B sides were better than most peoples A sides!

Prince has influenced pop culture and made careers for artists. He was musician’s musician and has been revered by the some of the greatest. When Eric Clapton was asked, “What’s it like to be the best guitar player alive,” he responded, “I don’t know, ask Prince.”

To say Prince will be missed is an understatement, he left his mark in and on our hearts.

Rest in Power

Top Prince related quotes and performances chosen by the AZ Mag Team

“All people care about nowadays is getting paid, so they try to do just what the audience wants them to do. I’d rather give people what they need rather than just what they want.” – Prince

“What David Bowie was to white kids who didn’t fit in, Prince was to black kids. He gave young black kids the license to be who they wanted to be, not what society thought they should be.” – Marc Bernardin of the LA Times

Read Frank Ocean’s Tumblr tribute to Prince:

I’m not even gonna say rest in peace because it’s bigger than death. I never met the man (I was too nervous the one time I saw him) and I never saw him play live, regrettably. I only know the legends I’ve heard from folks and what I’ve heard and seen from his deep catalog of propellant, fearless, virtuosic work. 

My assessment is that he learned early on how little value to assign to someone else’s opinion of you…an infectious sentiment that seemed soaked into his clothes, his hair, his walk, his guitar and his primal scream. He wrote my favorite song of all time, “When You Were Mine.” It’s a simple song with a simple melody that makes you wish you thought of it first, even though you never would have — a flirtatious brand of genius that feels approachable. 

He was a straight black man who played his first televised set in bikini bottoms and knee high heeled boots, epic. He made me feel more comfortable with how I identify sexually simply by his display of freedom from and irreverence for obviously archaic ideas like gender conformity etc. He moved me to be more daring and intuitive with my own work by his demonstration — his denial of the prevailing model … His fight for his intellectual property — “SLAVE” written across the forehead, name changed to a symbol…An all out rebellion against exploitation.

A vanguard and genius by every metric I know of who affected many in a way that will outrun oblivion for a long while. I’m proud to be a Prince fan(stan) for life

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