How to support the Black LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month

The beginning of this year has been difficult with the outbreak of Coronavirus which has impacted everyone across the world in one way or another. As we enter Pride month and are thinking of ways to celebrate our history and 50 years since the first Pride march whilst feeling heavy by fighting racism and police brutality, it’s important for allies to support the black people and the black LGBTQ+ community now more than ever.

It’s vital to remember that Pride celebrations wouldn’t even be possible without black and brown trans women like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Black trans people need our support especially because, although we’ve made progress in the fight for LGB rights, they continue to suffer the potentially deadly consequences of transphobia.

We’ve put together a list of fundraisers in the UK and USA to help the community.

  • AZ Magazine – This fund has been created to help us to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives by offering £1000 grants and our wider community – through virtual events, articles and general knowledge sharing.
  • Tony McDade fundraiser – This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counselling,  and to assist Tony’s family in the days to come as they continue to seek justice for Tony.
  • UK QTIBIPOC Emergency relief & Hardship Fund – This emergency relief and hardship fund has been set up to provide short term support to Queer, Trans and Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTIBIPOC) currently living in the UK who are affected by the outbreak and ongoing shutdown caused by Covid-19.
  • Exist Loudly Fund to Support Queer Black – Tanya Compas, youth worker, community organiser and friend of AZ has set up Exist Loudly as an official organisation and create programming for Queer Black Young People in London, with the intention to explore how to support young queer Black people outside of London digitally.

  • Black LGBTQIA Therapy Fund – Rose Frimpong, One half of Two Twos has started a fundraiser to pay for therapy sessions for Black LGBTQIA+ persons aged 18+.

  • Unmuted – UNMUTED exists to raise the voices and representation of LGBTQI+ people of colour in Birmingham.
  • For the Gworls – They raise money to assist with Black trans folks’ rent and affirmative surgeries.
  • The Marsha P Johnson Institute – The Marsha P. Johnson Institute (MPJI) protects and defends the human rights of BLACK transgender people.
  • The Okra Project – To honour Nina Pop, Tony McDade, and the many Black Trans people who been murdered by state-sanctioned violence, The Okra Project is dedicating $15,000 to create the Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund and the Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund.

We understand that some people cannot afford to support fundraisers but here are other ways to support the community:

Use social media – No matter how big or small your platform, its important to share links to fundraisers and information to friends and family.

Attend a virtual event – We will be hosting our monthly AZ Hub via Zoom later this month, more details to follow in the coming weeks. UK Black Pride will be held virtually this year, follow them on Twitter to stay up to date.

Educate yourself – This call to action is for allies, use this time to educate yourself on the contributions and struggles of the black LGBTQ+ as well as intersectionality. There are a number of resources available online that you’ll be able to find with a simple Google search. Talk to friends and family about how you can be better allies to the community.


If you have details of any other fundraisers please email





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