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What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I have a fabulous double espresso, feed my beautiful dogs, catch up on emails, figure out how big i will do my hair and what fabulous attire I will wear to rock the street.

What inspired you to set up your gospel choir?
My inspiration for setting up the choir all stems from raising money for the families of the Tsunami Victims back in 2004. I put together a group of singers and performed various gospel and pop songs. It was such a success that people kept asking me to do their weddings and parties.
It was then that I decided to create the Commercial Gospel Group the Souls of Prophecy Gospel Choir , UK’s answers to the Sister Act mixing yesterdays gospel with today’s soul.
My likes are creative writing, cooking, singing and performing. Making my friends and family laugh. They call me Mr. Fabulous! I also love to do charity work and always look for different groups to work with.
I dislike people that are always late. My biggest dislike are those who bully other and are insecure. Those types of people are negative and drown in a pool of their own bitterness. I have had my fair share of experience with those types of individuals and experienced their hate towards me.
What does a typical day involve?
A typical day involves walking my dogs catching up with my sisters via phone and social media, replying to emails and always feeling optimistic. My days are always driven by motivation and looking for the next new exciting venture to pursue, fulfil and succeed in. Motivation brings conviction and conviction brings movement. I always intend to start the day with optimism and end it with more optimism. Life is short, we must learn or at least try to live in happiness, share laughter and be kind to one another.
Jay Kamiraz
Most memorable moment? 
My most memorable moment was carrying the Olympic Torch and winning the 2012 Princes Trust Pride of Britain Award. I won the award for my inspirational journey and achievements, after surviving a brutal homophobic attack which nearly killed me. I have overcome many obstacles and fought to succeed in life by building a creative career in the entertainment industry.
Childhood dream?
My childhood dream has always been to work in the entertainment industry.
So far, I have been very fortunate enough to have lived some of my childhood dreams through sheer hard work and perseverance.
Singing and running choirs for over 10 years has been amazing, giving me the opportunity to sing and direct artists providing great entertainment experiences and working with some amazing people.
I have worked as an actor and model on commercials and contributed in many exciting music and TV projects and pilots giving me the opportunity to work with many creative professionals. My most recent appearances have been on, BAFTA and Channel 4’s First Dates.  I have recently landed me a role with BBC Radio Asian Network as an advisor giving advice on dating and life, it is going so well and I hope to continue and do more of that.
I have been so grateful for each and every experience to have been afforded the opportunity to learn so much and meet amazing people.
I continue to build my profile in music, TV and radio, working towards developing and building a career as a presenter and hope to do more great things and fulfil more dreams, aspirations and inspire others and be able to help and give back to family and friends who have never given up believing in me.
Keep believing in your dreams, and always be the optimistic, stay humble, be kind to one another and always be FABULOUS!

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