K-Pop Star Holland to ‘Come Out’ In Debut Video

New K-pop star, Holland, is releasing his debut by ‘coming out’ to the music industry, and we are here for it!

In the trailer video, that was released on the 15th, Holland made a captivating silent movie, with the lyrics ‘We are young and I love you’ as he’s rolling around in bed with his lover. Holland will be releasing the full debut tomorrow. It is said that ‘Neverland’ is about a story of a boy who wants to get away from the numerous discrimination he has experienced so far.

Marshall Bang

Although Holland isn’t the first openly LGBTI K-pop star, it is rare to see. In 2015, music artist Marshall Bang publicly came out through an interview with Time Out Magazine. Despite growing public support and awareness, homosexuality is still widely misunderstood in South Korea. While homosexuality is not a crime, social stigma forces many LGBT+ people not to come out.

In a recent Twitter post, Holland wrote: ‘Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.’





Holland’s Instagram

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