The Knighthood Society Presents Anxiety Rap – A Short Documentary

The Knighthood have just released a short documentary called Anxiety Rap, adding to their ever evolving creative identity.

Alternative Hip-Hop duo, Nicki Knightz and Henny Knightz feature in Anxiety Rap.  Shot over the course of a day and an evening last month, the documentary captures and gives an insight into the two close friends and their relationship with music. They speak about their lives, their ups and downs, the fact that they’re both living with anxiety and how they have helped those who listen to their music.

Anxiety is an illness that effects Millennials in a countless amount of ways, day in and day out.  Almost 300,000 young people have been diagnosed with Aniexty in Great Britain. The Knighthood’s new doc aims to start a conversation through honest storytelling, about a subject that still isn’t talked about enough.



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