Listen To Beyonce’s Lemonade

On 16th April 2016, the offical Beyoncé Instagram account uploaded a very short clip promoting a HBO special simply titled “Lemonade” which would be aired on 23rd April 2016. Even though we were given one week’s notice, it did not prepare us for what was to come.

Lemonade is an artistc, cinematic musical masterpiece that pushes boundaries. Filled with spoken word, narrated by Beyoncé and written by Somali-British writer poet Warsan Shire, linking the main songs; a divine wardrobe which gives you late 1800’s American fashion with African inspired accents through to the modern day.

Lemonade is unapologetic and shows Beyoncé in her rawest, truest creative form. Celebrating the strength of black women young and old.

Follow these steps to preserve your edges:

    1. Cancel all the plans you’ve made for the day

2. Turn off your phone
3. Lock yourself in a room


4. Turn your speakers up
5. Dance like nobody is watching!


If after following these tips you find that your edges are suffering, head to your local hair shop and buy a bottle of Jamaican castor oil.

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