QTIBPOC To Support This Pride Month

For being Pride month we want to highlight some fundraisers, so we’ve put together a list of individuals and organisations who are currently raising funds, whether it be for a better life for themselves or for our community. Please share and donate if you can.

*Please note all words and photos below are that of the respective fundraisers.

Help Jolliff get top surgery!

My name’s Jolliff, and I’m a disabled Black trans man who needs healthcare.

I’ve been fighting for years against oppressive medical systems to get top surgery. This will flatten my chest and make me able to do basic things like leaving the house for more than a few hours at a time, exercising, and dancing with my friends. For me, the weight of dysphoria is debilitating: not being capable of holding presence in my own body to such a degree that basic executive function is impossible… Click to read more and donate.

Theo’s Top Surgery Fund

Hey guys, I’m raising money for my Top Surgery as I hope to get it within the next year. I am planning to get it done at the London Transgender Clinic with Dr Ingelfield, who’s one the Uk’s leading surgeons in this field.

The surgery costs upwards of £6,900 -£7,000 which is intensely hard to save for as I am living independently and my only income is some benefits I receive which is not sufficient to be able to solely fund this… Click to read more and donate.

Help arrested LGBTQI activists in Ghana

We write on behalf of the LBQT consortium of Ghana on a pending issue. We are a group of 4 LBQT organizations that have come together to work towards a specific goal. 
On Thursday  20th May,2021, two members of our consortium and 19 other rights activists specializing in LGBTQI rights, went to the Volta region of Ghana, to implement an activity with a sister organization in Ho who works with Trans and Intersex people (Key Watch Ghana). This activity was to strengthen the capacities of the LBQTI community. Click to read more and donate.

African Rainbow Family

Help us create a world without prejudice: an amazing radical and social justice change environment in the LGBTIQ asylum application process in UK immigration system and fight LGBTIQ inequality globally. Click to read more and donate

Emergency Fund for LGBT Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Out and Proud African LGBTI (OPAL) is a self-help group of African LGBT refugees and asylum-seekers, formed in 2013 in the UK and the Netherlands to stand for our inalienable rights. 

This is an emergency appeal raising funds to help isolated and marginalised refugees and asylum seekers, during the CoViD-19 pandemic. Many of our community members are decimated by ‘hostile environment’ policies – which not only forbid them from working but also exclude them from recourse to public funds, thus rendering them helpless. This amounts effectively to institutional racism since it disproportionately affects those seeking protection from Africa. Click to read more and donate.

Pride Uganda

Pride Uganda supports LGBT activists fighting for a better Uganda, where no one is persecuted because of who they are or who they love
We work for those who, in the face of persecution, fight to protect, educate and mobilize for change. Click to read more and donate.

Pela’s Gender Affirming Fund

Hey welcome, I’m Mupela or you can call me Pela (she/they).

After years of battling through depression, anxiety, and really not treating myself with proper care. I am at a place in my life where I want to start living authentically and allowing myself to win at life. I am proud to say that I identify as Non-binary.

However, I REALLY need your help starting my gender-affirming journey. For those that do not know what this means for me; this means me undergoing “Top Surgery” or in medical terms – a double mastectomy. Click to read more and donate.

Gender affirming surgery for a black trans girl

My name is Halim, I’m a black trans girl ready to start my journey into transitioning.

I have battled with gender dysphoria for most of my life. I was abandoned as a teenager because of my transness , I lived on the streets, fed from the dustbin, got bullied and all. Click to read more and donate.

Help Rafa get new home. Trans woman evicted & fired


I’m a black trans woman. I am being forced out of my house and fired from my  job at in the same period. Appreciate any help. I feel horrible asking people for money during a stressful time for everyone but i do need it. Hate crime has to stop this has to stop this would not be happening if i was considered ‘normal’ in the eyes of small and closed minded individuals. £3000 would be enough for me to rent a place with time to find work where i can keep my payments from there. Click to read more and donate.

TiTi’s Transition Fund

Hi! I am a black trans woman from the UK, I’ve been transitioning socially for around 4/5 years and have had to delay my medical transition due to the atrocious wait times for NHS gender clinics ( I have been waiting since August 2018 to get an appointment).

I have created this Go Fund Me with the primary objective of fundraising to get onto Hormone Replacement therapy. Something that I have wanted to gain access to for the duration of my social transition. This will allow me to alleviate a lot of my dysphoria surrounding my gender and start to see my body and my brain begin to align and begin to see myself as I truly am. Click to read more and donate.


Simply the Breast

I recently learned that my boobs weigh more than the average newborn baby! And I’m ready to shed some weight!

As someone somewhere outside the gender binary, my larger than life breasts never felt right, comfortable or me. (Not to mention the physical pain caused carrying these bad boys around)

I’m so excited about the prospect of a breast reduction and having tried and failed going down the NHS path (who instead tried to make me have weight reduction surgery), my last option is private. But I’m gonna need some help getting there! Click to read more and donate.

Khaz’s Top Surgery

Hi my name is Khazeel King, I’m 27 years old and I am a Transgender Man. I was very hesitant to do this, however I’ve set this gofundme up so that I can reach my goal for top surgery.

I would love to be able to go to the best surgeon I can find (I research everyday and so far, Thailand is the place to be), who will be able to give me the freedom of not having such a huge burden on my chest (literally).

The money will be divided between the consultation appointment and for the surgery itself. Click to read more and donate

Support UK Black and Brown Trans People’s healthcare, housing and mental health

Fundraising for UK Black and Brown Trans people’s healthcare, housing, and mental health. Applications for recipients of this fund please email malaika@diversifytrans.co.uk

Black and Brown Trans people in the UK are some of the most marginalised individuals. Covid has seen Gender Identity Clinics across the UK further postponing vital gender-affirming treatments, meaning that people who have been waiting 3 years are now facing an uncertain future as to when they will receive life saving treatment.

These restrictions disproportionately affect Black and Brown Trans people, as they are already experiencing a post colonialist wealth disparity (they are poorer than their white counterparts because of colonialism and systemic racism). Click to read more and donate.

The Chest is History: Gender Euphoria Fund

Hey community. The nerves are very real right now but I’m here asking for your help towards something I’ve needed to do for a long time.

…having a chest reduction would significantly change my life.

As a gender – non conforming woman I’ve struggled for many years having a large chest. Not only is it physically painful
(30FFs are heavy af!), it’s also a daily mental challenge existing in a body that doesn’t fully reflect how I feel. Click to read more and donate.

Amani’s Transition Fund

I am a 27 year old trans woman from the UK, hoping to raise funds for my transition. The waiting times on the NHS for transgender healthcare can be up to 5 years, just for an initial consultation. My gender dysphoria is really hard to deal with on a day to day basis, so I am hoping to transition through private health care. Click to read more and donate.

Weʼre raising £7,000 to help fund Sara’s breast reduction surgery

I’m suffering physically from back and shoulder pain due to my breast size, and I’m struggling mentally due to chest dysphoria. I am not 100% sure abot top surgery but may want this in the future. In the meantime, the size of my breasts being disproportionate to the rest of my body means I’m unable to bind or appear flat. For these reasons I feel pretty desperate to have breast reduction surgery as soon as I can, as a drastic reduction in my breast size would not only help with dysphoria and mental health, but would also mitigate pain and improve my physical wellbeing. Click to read more and donate.


Kiara’s top surgery fundraiser

My name is Kiara and I am a Black trans man and a single dad to two beautiful children. I am an artist based in Liverpool. I’m experiencing extreme dysphoria and I know that I need to take the next steps to receive gender affirming care to live as myself for my physical and mental wellbeing.

I want to get top surgery which will make me feel more at home and happy in my body. I also want to have voice training to sound like myself as my current voice adds to the dysphoria that I experience. Some of this fundraiser will also cover travel and aftercare expenses. This won’t be the only step I’m taking but it will be one of the first. I’ve started this fundraiser to help me get there. Click to read more and donate.

I need to get something off my chest..

happy pride month everyone! last June I crowd funded to gain access to top surgery privately as the NHS waiting list is far too lengthy. I’m now finally in the position to go ahead and book my consultation, but unfortunately I underestimated how much the actual procedure plus fees (both surgery and gfm fees) would be. I raised £7300 after fees were taken and my surgery will cost approximately £9650 with the surgeon I have chosen. meaning I need to raise an extra £2350 for the procedure itself, £300 for consultation fees, and another £2500 to cover my rent/food/bills/etc as I am self employed won’t be able to work during this strenuous time and this will cover all of my basic needs while I rest and heal. Click to read more and donate.



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