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What do you do first thing in the morning?
Cup of tea! I’m not great with breakfast and most of the time I just want to start working. Cooking is too much of a distraction plus, I love tea!
Why did you start Meme Gold?
I was pretty much persuaded. I made my first meme gold jumpers for my friends and sewed one or two things while I was out of work to relieve creative frustration. I didn’t plan to make a store or sell them generally but people were telling how much they loved them so, I created my first mini collection and a year later, launched my website.
I buzz off people enjoying what I create. I like the things I make and I sort of make them for my own enjoyment, so when people buy my stuff it’s like a big thumbs up!
Photo credit: Meme Gold
None yet. I view everything good and bad as a learning experience and value each moment.
What does a typical day involve?
Werk werk werk werk werk. Sample new ideas and play with the new love in my life, my embroidery machine.
Most memorable moment?
My first sale. I had just launched my website and got my first sale on the same day, from someone I didn’t know. It felt great!
What do you do to relax?
Netflix and wine/prosecco.
Childhood dream?
I wanted to be an archaeologist believe it or not. I would still love to be apart of a dig but I’d have to wear gloves. It took me ages to grow my nails.


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