WATCH: Missy Elliott “I’m Better”

Missy Elliot “I’m Better” Ft Lamb NEW RELEASE

I just spent a solid hour 45 minutes playing this track on repeat and dancing full out in my room! I waited all day for this, I knew she wouldn’t let me down. This morning I saw “Missy Elliott NEW RELEASE I’m Better” come up on my Facebook feed on my way to work and I refused to listen to it until I got home, because I knew that my in-ear Apple head phones wouldn’t do it justice!

I love how Missy Elliott fleets in and out of our lives as when she pleases… she just comes in, musically flips a table and bops like it’s nothing.  She always gives you something to look at in her visuals and it never disappoints. From the vibrant colours, hair, make-up and wardrobe to the innovative/on trend choreography by Sean Bankhead and Missy.  She has showed yet again why she’s a force to be reckoned with. Missy took what’s being played with and used at the time and produced her own interpretation of it. Which – I know –  in reality is what everyone does when they make music.  Difference is, Missy Elliott always produces a better, more furturistic version of what we’re being offered.  Like who knew you could do alladem movements on a gym ball??!!

I needed this bass and the visual gift that is her video today, along with the fun lyrics and feel good hook.  If you, like I am a fan of Missy Elliott, you’ll enjoy every moment of it and for 3 minutes and 39 seconds, you’ll forget that we have a walking, talking Cheeto as the “ruler” of the “Free World”.  Have at it!

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