BME people at the top of the entertainment industry are saying no to the Academy

The honourable Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee have spoken. The message is simple. The rationale is concrete. Boycott the Academy because they have been boycotting us for a very very long time.  Who are we not to listen?

Spike Lee/Film Director

The honourable Jada’s Pinkett Smith’s a quick run down of JPS’s most notable acting work, her appearance in The Nutty Proffesor with Eddie Murphy, Menace to Society and my favourite, Set it Off alongside Queen Latifah playing the infamous and slightly gorgeous Cleo.

Jada Pinkett-Smith/Actress

Spike Lee is a film director, producer, writer and actor. His directorial debut was on ‘She’s gotta have it’. The honourable Mr Lee went on the make ‘Do the right thing’ and more recently ‘Chi-raq’. His production company has produced over 35 films since 1983.

These are people that have made outstanding contributions to culture and the entertainment industry and they have said no. They have said enough is enough.

Even after personally receiving an honorary Oscar last November Spike Lee “40 actors in two years, all white? We can’t act?” Of course we can.

So thank you Sister Jada. Brother Spike. But what is next?

Boycott the academy and then what? Jada tells us ‘create our own records of achievement.’ She’s right if we to have a fair and equal entertainment industry what else can we do except create our own award ceremonies. We need to stop asking.

Let’s just stop asking.

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