The Homogenization of Beauty

When I was thirteen, I read the Y/A novel “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield. It was about a dystopian future where everyone is considered ugly until they are turned “pretty” through government-enforced cosmetic surgeries at the age of sixteen.   While I enjoyed the book, I had always found the premise a bit silly.  The concept of […]

Home Ground

Home Ground (2022) charts Seoul’s little-known lesbian history and brings to light pertinent LGBT+ issues in Korea in a deeply personal and thought-provoking presentation. The documentary mainly centres around Myung-woo, the charismatic owner of Lesvos, a lesbian bar in Itaewon. Since the ‘90s, it’s been a hub for Seoul lesbians to meet each other and […]

In Conversation with Cheryl May Coward-Walker

I had the lovely opportunity to interview the gifted and multi-hyphenated Cheryl May Coward-Walker. Our conversation was delightful, Cheryl is a graceful, yet enthusiastic conversationalist. We talked about her play The Wedding Speech and its upcoming run, mother-daughter relationships and their many different forms, identity, being an independent artist and the healing journey.  Tell us […]