Podcasts You Should Be Listening To – 2017

Podcasts have fast become another source of entertainment and are as popular and user freindly as audiobooks.  You can download them, save them and listen to them on the go. If you’re interested in a particular subject, I guarantee that there’s at least one podcast about it.
There’s been a spike in podcasts from people of colour and AZ Mag are all here for it!
I get my fix mostly from Soundcloud but more recently the Podcasts App on my iPhone and Spotify. To add to our list from last year, here are my picks of podcasts by people of colour for 2017!


The Receipts Podcast are 4 London girls who talk about life, sex and dating with some banter thrown in. They also answer listener letters which can be serious when they need to be but they’re very entertaining, jokes on jokes!

Blacticulate showcases young black British professionals, what they do and how they got there. Very informative and very empowering.

Well Blactually are “2 Black British girls trying to make in in a white mans world”.   They speak on music,  pop culture,  life and dating. Something we can all relate with!


Mary and Friends – Is exactly what it is! London girl Mary and her friends talk about all things from politics to sex and they have a laugh whilst doing it. The banter over floweth!

No Carbs After 7  are 2 personal trainers Yusuf and Gina who cover all the things! “Lifestyle, relationships, fitness, love, sex, culture, music, dilemmas and much more.” They post-up every fortnight.


Of course there’s The Read and The Friend Zone who we LOVE, but there are others that are just as entertaining!

The Poor People’s Podcast are a brother and sister duo who give their run down of pop culture with some stories of growing up together to add a little flavour.


POC (Podcast of Colour)  4 friends giving a queer voice to ” pop culture, social justice and bullshit ” They give great commentary to what’s going on in their world from their perspective. Funny, informative and relatable.

Black Girls Being  is hosted by Amira, Tyler and Sophia. A safe space for black girls to just be. Side note: check out their Instagram, it’s very pleasing to the melanated eye.

Tea with Queen and J – They’re womanists, they are unapologetic and they cover pop-culture, as well as their own lives and being black in these times. All good stuff!

The Lesbian Collective are 4 friends who share their love and life experiences with their listeners, along with what’s going on in popular culture.

Getting Grown are two close friends who record their podcast remotely and they do it so well, you’d think they were sat in the same room! They speak on current affairs, life love, answer listener letters and have a section where they big up the overachievers, which makes for a funny and empowering podcast.

Inner Hoe Uprising started out with 2 sexually liberated females from NYC. Now it’s down to 1, who’s going through the motions of finding a new co-host, having a new potential one bi weekly until her listeners vote for their fave.
They talk about their sex lives very openly and very candidly and have guests on the show to speak on theirs. Listen out for the episode on the swinging couple… I’ll say no more!

QueerWOC  is brought to you by Family Therapist, Montinique of QueerWOC on both Tumblr and Twitter. She wanted to create a space for Queer identifying women of colour “female identified or feminine energy possessing”.   Check out her very first podcast where she and her friend talk about what Queer means.

What About Your Friends is hosted by Charneil and Frankie who talk about current affairs, pop culture and life through the lense of a Queer person of colour.


Like your fair share of podcasts? Then check out So Live Festival next year,  as the first of it’s kind in the UK was at the beginning of August. It’s the first podcast festival in the UK that has a focus on people of colour, it was opened by Two Fools Talking  who also make podcasts, and are currently working on new content so check them out too!

If you’re a fan of a podcast I haven’t listed, please share it in the comments! Especially any British or European LGBTQ focused ones. Lets show our support!

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