Self Love – A Cheat Code to Living a Fuller Life

So let’s start by comparing the two, Self Love Vs Self Care:

Self love is having unconditional love for oneself; mind, body and soul – flaws and all. Its acceptance of who you are and how you show up in the world. Self love is knowing you are valued, worthy and deserving, and has no bearing on your status, education, the kind of job you have, how much money you make, your worldly possessions or who you know. 

Self love is to celebrate your journey; your wins no matter how big or small, and knowing you are deserving in every moment, at every step.

Self love is knowing, and of the mind. Whereas self care is actionable. Self care is the steps you take and the things you do on a daily basis, that impact your health and wellbeing in a positive way.

Sounds straightforward until you bring in the protagonist, your inner voice! 

The School of Life mentions: The origins of the voice of the inner judge is simple to trace: it is an internalisation of the voice of people who were once outside us. We absorb the tones of contempt and indifference or charity and warmth that we will have heard across our formative years. 

I feel that Self love can’t exist without self care and vice-versa. They each enable the other -and yourself- to be great, but they are both different and incredibly vital in aiding you to be the best version of yourself.

The act of self love can be a challenge when the media, society and its systems do the most to preclude that you aren’t loved, deserving or worthy. That if you bought into whatever the post you’ve scrolled upon is selling, that your life would be better with this item, diet fad, or new gadget. Which is not the case and we all know this, but it’s that inner voice that likes to come in like a Jiminy Cricket saboteur! 

This is why I feel it’s so important, now more so than ever to arm oneself and spark or reignite that self love fire, if it’s not been lit within you already.  And if it has, but is looking a little dim at the moment, maybe it’s time to add some kindling… ok, enough of my fire puns lol But I hope you get what I mean!

I’ve been consciously and wholeheartedly working on myself for the last year and some change. Between taking responsibility for my own happiness and wellbeing, and loving myself truly and unconditionally, your girl is feeling impenetrable out in these virtual streets, cause where am I really going right now! That’s all thanks to the self love that came as a byproduct of my efforts of self care.

This lockdown along with the magical combo of self love and self care has taught me the art of self soothing. I am also currently dating myself, because why tf not?! And I mean that on every, single, level! I’ve also had the privilege of having all my time to myself and I am mindful that for a lot of people that this is not the case, but it can still be achieved if it’s made a priority and if the will is there.

Self love is an imperative practice whether you’re single or in a relationship. It’s like if your life is a glass of water -stay with me!- and self love is the concentrate you add that permeates through the water (your life). It just makes everything you go through taste a little better!

It’s important to know that self love is not a one size fits all. Just like horoscopes, quotes, and the like, take only that which serves you and leave the rest!

Here are some ways you can practice self love:

– Being kind to yourself

– Setting healthy boundaries | saying no

– Initiating positive self talk

Ways you can aid that is by self-care:

– Recite positive affirmations 

– Getting enough sleep

– Being active i.e. yoga, walking, working out


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