When No Isn’t Enough

Trigger warning – rape/abuse We live in a society where women have become more sexuality liberated and empowered. We have a huge way to go but each day both on the internet and in real life I am seeing stories and witnessing women who completely exercise there right to be sexual beings. I’m also not saying […]

The YouTube Effect

There is no doubt that YouTube has had an incredible impact on social culture. YouTube has over a billion users with millions of hours of video being watched daily. The growth of YouTube has had a huge effect on the LGBT+ community. An effect I would say is positive. There have been thousands of people […]

Realising I Was Gay

How I accepted realised I was gay My earliest experience with a girl was when I was six years old, or possibly eight. Somewhere around that wonderful age where everything is exciting and nothing is taboo. Somehow declaring my love for my little ‘friend’ at school was something we both decided to keep a secret. […]