Realising I Was Gay

How I accepted realised I was gay My earliest experience with a girl was when I was six years old, or possibly eight. Somewhere around that wonderful age where everything is exciting and nothing is taboo. Somehow declaring my love for my little ‘friend’ at school was something we both decided to keep a secret. […]

A Day In My Truth

I’m Dani.  I’m 35 and an Office Manager for an amazing branding agency. I’ve lived with depression since 2001 when my mum passed away. Fast forward to 2010 – my first panic attack. I had a job interview and I literally could not leave the house, my older brother found me completely unable to cope. He didn’t […]

Why Do People Think LGBT Means White?

We’re all guilty of it. Whether it’s the girl serving us in Starbucks or the guy hanging clothes in TopShop. We all have that monologue inside our heads that’s almost always commentating on every aspect of our lives, and sometimes even other people’s. You know what I’m talking about. Trying to ‘figure out’ another person’s […]