My Gay Son And Me

By Anonymous When my son was about 12 years old I decided that when I spoke about someone special in his future it would be a good idea to stop saying ‘girlfriend’ and instead use ‘partner’. At that time it was a just a cautionary measure. Fast forward about two and a half years, my […]

Realising I Was Gay

How I accepted realised I was gay My earliest experience with a girl was when I was six years old, or possibly eight. Somewhere around that wonderful age where everything is exciting and nothing is taboo. Somehow declaring my love for my little ‘friend’ at school was something we both decided to keep a secret. […]

Young, Black, Gay and Married

Twenty-something, black, gay and married; not words you often hear put together. But this is our daily life, we are Maury and Taylor Chasteau-Simien. We were married in New York City Hall (very Sex and the City) in November 2015. Since getting married we’ve received the typical questions from friends and family: How does it […]

Why Do People Think LGBT Means White?

We’re all guilty of it. Whether it’s the girl serving us in Starbucks or the guy hanging clothes in TopShop. We all have that monologue inside our heads that’s almost always commentating on every aspect of our lives, and sometimes even other people’s. You know what I’m talking about. Trying to ‘figure out’ another person’s […]

We Don’t Talk About Him…

My coming out story, I guess like a lot of people’s coming out stories, is less one incident and more a whole catalogue of texts. IMs, letters and conversations spread across several years. Coming out is a rite of passage every time I go into a new job, or make a new friend, visit new […]