Realising I Was Gay- Part Two

Read Part 1 So, I’m about 16 now and starting college. ProfilePic had me hooked – switching between that and MySpace was what my evenings consisted of for the majority of the summer holidays. Scrolling through all of these weird and wonderful profiles of people that may not necessarily have been real but looked sort […]

Realising I Was Gay

How I accepted realised I was gay My earliest experience with a girl was when I was six years old, or possibly eight. Somewhere around that wonderful age where everything is exciting and nothing is taboo. Somehow declaring my love for my little ‘friend’ at school was something we both decided to keep a secret. […]

A Day In My Truth

I’m Dani.  I’m 35 and an Office Manager for an amazing branding agency. I’ve lived with depression since 2001 when my mum passed away. Fast forward to 2010 – my first panic attack. I had a job interview and I literally could not leave the house, my older brother found me completely unable to cope. He didn’t […]

Spend A Moment With…

What do you do first thing in the morning? Cup of tea! I’m not great with breakfast and most of the time I just want to start working. Cooking is too much of a distraction plus, I love tea! Why did you start Meme Gold? I was pretty much persuaded. I made my first meme gold […]

LGBT And Christian

Few things are trickier than being LGBT and growing up in a Christian household. You tend to spend years navigating, trying to figure out where on the spectrum your family falls and whether or not coming out is something you want to do while you still live at home. Christians can be homophobic, and this is […]

So, I’m Donating My Eggs

It’s been on my bucket list since I was 14 years old. What triggered it for me was an egg donation which happened in my own family. An aunt of mine had been trying to conceive for as long as I can remember and unfortunately could never carry her baby to full term. After numerous miscarriages, […]

Unapologetically Me

When you live in a world which focuses primarily on the aesthetic, it feels as though there is no longer a space for the plain Jane. When I use the term plain Jane I’m referring to the women that may be deemed to not have made that much of an effort with their physical appearance, […]