#AZBHMPoetry – ‘Black Sisters’

In honor of Black History Month, we will be sharing some poems both spoken and written for you guys to enjoy! This is ‘Black Sisters’  by Lauren Ige. Black Sisters Strong, Fierce We rise Dada yangu (My sister) Not held or consumed by mental constraints We recognise our power, move with grace and speak with […]

Being Black And Genderless

When I was 14 years old, I told my friends about my uneasiness regarding being a girl/woman, and how I wished I weren’t one. Fast forward a decade later and I still don’t know where to stand regarding my gender. I am definitely not cis-gender but I’m unsure about transitioning and going through a potential […]

The YouTube Effect

There is no doubt that YouTube has had an incredible impact on social culture. YouTube has over a billion users with millions of hours of video being watched daily. The growth of YouTube has had a huge effect on the LGBT+ community. An effect I would say is positive. There have been thousands of people […]