1 Day Until Afropunk Festival London 2016!

Afropunk Fest London is in 1 day! Do you have your tickets? Is your outfit sorted?! If you didn’t know already, we’ve been counting down the first UK Afropunk everyday this week with a mixtape. This one was curated by Nathan Leigh and Matthew Morgan in lieu of the 2015 Fest, showcasing artists who performed at previous […]

3 Days Until Afropunk Festival London 2016

Afropunk Fest London is in 3 days! To get you through hump day we have a mixtape that was created as a nod to Activist, Film Maker and Musician Bree Newsome. Newsome sheroically removed The Confederate Flag from above the South Carolina Capital on June 27th 2015.  As she pulled the flag down, she shouted these words: “You […]

4 Days Until Afropunk Festival London 2016

Afropunk Fest London is in 4 days! To celebrate the countdown, I chose five previously released Afropunk mix-tapes that signify the sign of the times we’re in. It’s unfortunate that some of the mix-tapes are now a year or two old and in most instances, there have been no resolutions nor repercussions for the way we’re being treated as a people across […]

Jesse Boykins III – Bartholomew EP

Jesse Boykins III just released his new EP titled Bartholomew. If you want some easy-listening, dulcet tones to take you through your evening, give him a listen!  His harmonies remind me a bit of Dwele, but he’s definitely set apart in his look and cool new age vibe! Listen out for Earth Girls, Kumbaya In […]