Taimi Is A New LGBTQ+ Social App On The Scene & It Means Business

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The Aim & Interface

Taimi, developed in 2017, is a US-headquartered, but globally minded gay dating and community interaction app. It’s the latest app to hit the internet and as a brand, Taimi stands for freedom, equality and safety and it makes this clear through its interface.

When setting up my Taimi profile, I inputted my details as I would for any other app. However, unlike some mainstream apps, Taimi has an in-built verification system. Users can use their Facebook or Snapchat account as a form of verification of identity as well as personal photos and their email address. Taimi also asked me what communities I felt I belonged to and also what communities I was interested in connecting with. Free features in the app also include:

  • Updating your status
  • Joining groups
  • Live 24/7 support
  • Sharing stories
  • Making video calls

Taimi also gathers user feedback with the ‘Feature Request’ section of the app. It is in this section where users can vote for features such as ‘time since online’ or ask to add emojis to messages. This ‘Feature Request’ section is split into the ‘top’, ‘new’[est] and ‘done’ requests. All this creates more of a sense of community than the cold, transactional nature of various other apps on the market.

After using the free version, I signed up to the Taimi XL trial. Taimi XL allows users to pay a subscription fee to access the premium features. Some premium benefits include:

  • Ad-free app use
  • Being able to message users directly without waiting for a match
  • The ability to undo swipes
  • Extended filters and additional search criteria
  • Unlimited private album requests
  • Stealth Mode – being able to stay incognito when using the app

But what’s even better is that some of these features, for example cancelling hasty swipes and sending messages without matching, can be purchased separately without subscribing to Taimi XL. Subscribing also enables users to see who their profile visitors are; a stark difference to some market-leading apps. The app intelligently tells you what day, month and time a user visited your profile, giving you a further opportunity to find potential matches.

My Final Thoughts

Taimi is a breath of fresh air in this digital era. It fosters a sense of community which is missing in the market and has features which engender intimacy and longer-term connections. I quite enjoy the social media experience it brings, which keeps up with changes and trends in the current social media market. We finally have an LGBT+ social media platform where you can find love, friends, entertainment and connections all in one!

Have you used Taimi? Let us know with the hashtags of #taimi, #taimiapp, #taimigayapp.

You can download via the App Store and Google Play Store. You can also follow Taimi on Facebook and Instagram. For more information visit their website.

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