The Idea of Beauty: Ari Fitz

“True beauty is from within”

We may have heard this quote many times – but how many people does it truly resonate with? Living during a time where beauty is not only measured by the exterior, but by how much you reach the conventional beauty standard,  it becomes more difficult and frustrating to come to terms with yourself. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learnt that our characters, our intentions, our hearts, are the few things that can make us  beautiful. Our inner being radiates such beauty when we grow more content with who we are – and I pray that more people become mindful of this.

Photography & styling by Karis Beaumont

We live in a society where it is seen as vain to reflect and openly appreciate the things the we love about ourselves. Looking at our qualities with endearment seems to be something to be ashamed of when in fact,  it’s an emotionally and mentally healthy way to practise self-care; we need to be look after ourselves more.

I met up with American model, ASOS Insider, writer, filmmaker and social media personality Ari Fitz, to talk about what it means to be beautiful. Her words and outlook on the topic really sat well with my spirit. Yes, we are all beautiful to somebody on the outside, but what does your soul look like?

Check out our video below to see the full interview with Ari.

Filmed by Taiwo Ajose, edited by Karis Beaumont.


Clothing by G’zell, Jewellery by Love Nut London




Clothing by Bull and Dagger, Necklace by Love Nut London



Clothing by Revolutionary Rebel

One thought on “The Idea of Beauty: Ari Fitz”

  1. I absolutely love everything about this. First of all proud of my friend G’zell aka Kaylighe your designs are unapologetically authentically beautiful. Where do I begin Ari Fitz looks so comfortable in her own skin that’s beautiful to watch. The video is effortless. truly inspired. Keep up the good work guys.xx
    Much love
    Saida Vedasto.

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