The Knighthood Society

The Knighthood Society are a Hackney based Alternative Hip-Hop duo made up of Henny Knightz and Nicki Knightz. They dropped a brand new track today which will be their second released on SoundCloud this year after Hours An A ½ Past 10.

The new track is called So Came the DrUgZ and they have the company of Matilda Eyre, known for her indie electro sound. The collaboration created a perfect match and fitted together seamlessly.

Listen to the new track and learn more about The Knighthood Society in my interview with them below!


Meet The Knighthood Society: Henny Knightz & Nicki Knightz


How did you come to be The Knighthood? How did you meet, what’s your story?

Henny It started with a serious romance. Nicki was feeling the kid so yeah nah I’m playing [Laughs.]

Nicki was someone that I always saw around growing up but at the same time took no notice of. We went to the same primary and secondary schools, but it wasn’t until secondary that I was more aware of her presence. It’s weird because I said to my brother Caj Knightz one time in the playground “Me and that girl (Nicki) are going to be close one day” It was random then. I didn’t know why I said it but yeah.

A few years later I had assembled a group called The Knighthood Society, which consisted originally of me, Caj Knightz, SK, and Krem Knightz.  I was working on a song when I took a break. I checked my Facebook and saw Nicki’s BBM Pin, added it, saw on her status that she too  was working on a song. I asked her to send me it to me and then asked her to join. She said yes, then I sent her loads of Knighthood logos and told her promote it. Nicki was hella shy when I first started working with her; she barely spoke, and wouldn’t rap when anyone was in the room, which is always crazy to me because of how she is now. It’s shocking.

Nicki you spit poetry as well as bars! I appreciate No Ni**ers. *finger snaps* What lead you to write it?

I wrote the spoken word piece after finding out about the events that happened at Dee Dee’s bar in South London, a racist white male wrote ‘No Ni**ers’ in graffiti on the building . It was originally for a cypher that RagzCv had organised, but due to legal terms it couldn’t be released. So I decided to just put it out.  This was the time when the Sandra Bland case was being heavily talked about, so I thought the timing was perfect on the topic – which I am very passionate about.

Henny, you produce a vast amount of the music you create – it must be an equally stressful and fulfilling process.  What do you enjoy most about producing? How did you learn?

It’s exactly that. Stressful and fulfilling. What I love the most is that I’m creating my own soundtrack to my life.  Any emotion or feeling I have I try to transcribe into something people can move to and feel, it’s my non spoken language. It’s funny because originally I was just a rapper. All I wanted to do is rap but no producer ever wanted to work with me. Those that did tried to mould my sound into something I wasn’t.  So it was that frustration that made me do it myself. I’m like that. I originally learnt from watching my big brother Ijah Royal, my big cousin Jrug The Narcotic, watching YouTube videos, listening to how music sounds and staying up day and night practising. I’m talking all day everyday. I felt I had to since I started late, so I had to work three times as hard as anyone to get it to the level I’m at now, and I’m still working/learning.


Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 22.16.39

What artists are inspiring you both at the moment?

Nicki Right now I’ll have to say Little Simz.  Reason being, not only is she a dope artist and performer but she’s creating some serious waves now and it’s not just in the UK, but internationally. She just gives me faith that with enough work and talent, being independent can actually pay off in a lot of ways. Angel Haze is also one key artist for me because of the topics she explores. I love listening to her because I know its never going to be surface level, there is going to be some deep story somewhere within the song even if it’s subliminal. I love that she is so open with what she has been through and doesn’t sugar-coat the events that took place within her past. It gives a lot of people who have been or are still in the same situation, courage to talk up or understand that it doesn’t stop them from where they are destined to be.

Henny At the moment, Earl Sweatshirt – The way he words things is immaculate. Little Simz, the way she’s breaking barriers and doing things people said a UK artist couldn’t do.. Hats off to her.

Tell us about the track you’ve release today?

Henny So Came The DrUgZ is a song about using DrUgZ or alcohol to hide our own insecurities. We both suffer from social anxiety and self esteem issues, and I battle with depression quite a lot. We found that we started using alcohol and weed etc to calm down and fit in. Or even just feel comfortable to be ourselves. So each verse tells a story on how we are, and the So Came The Drugz is kind of the boarder line narration.  So after every verse it’s like “So came the Drugz” plus the Lil Kim and Biggie DrUgs sample I used fit so perfectly.

The feature with Matilda Eyre came about from a performance we did at The Husk for a show called S.A.M.P.L.E.  She was also performing, I was fortunate enough to catch her in action before she ended and I was blown away. I knew I wanted to work with her. The song originally had just me and Nicki on it, but she saw us perform and fortunately the collaboration was mutual.  We’ve been working on a few songs, but I knew the texture of her voice would fit the track perfectly. Then my brother Ijah Royal added some additional chords behind it and it was set.

 Will you be performing it? Where can people catch you?

Nicki So far we got a show May 28 at The Depot in Clapton. A friend of ours Joe Jas is having a show there and it should be really cool, a lot of dope artists are on the line up.

Who would be your dream collab?

Nicki A Knighthood and The Internet collab could possibly change the whole game. We both love the band and their sound that they have created and explored over the years. Originality and authenticity is really important for us and we try to never sound like anybody else. When people hear us we want it to be something you automatically associate with us only.

Henny Kanye West, M.I.A and Santigold. I like working with artists that take me out of my comfort zone.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 22.14.35

What’s your plan’s for the rest of 2016? What would you like to achieve?

Nicki The plan for 2016 is to take over the world [Laughs] but nah, seriously just make The Knighthood Society a household name. We are both really hungry and passionate about what we do so it can only pay off in our favour.

We plan to drop a Knighthood tape or I might come out with a lil’ somethin’ to wet the ear buds of those that are listening. More shows, we’ve been trying to get a show overseas as well which would be really cool and fun. A lot of visuals as well, very important! Two Hours And A Half Past Ten is due to be released in May – watch out for that which is shot by the E.Greaves who is a dope visualist.

Henny One thing I know for certain is we want to achieve greatness within our art and personal lives.

Henny Knights, are you still dreaming of that Knighthood Tour? What do you envisage it to be like?

Every day and every night. And epic, it will be an experience and I want it to be one of those memories that you think of and smile and wish you can live again so we’ll keep working.

The Knighthood is doing their thing! Even in the face of  losing loved ones, having social anxieties, self esteem issues and a member living with depression – they’re channelling their energy into something positive and something they clearly love and have a real passion for. In true independent artist form they’ve shown that if you want something bad enough and doors are being closed in your face, you make the door and open it yourself! I’m all about speaking your dreams in to existence, which is why I asked them a few dream focused questions on purpose;) It’s amazing what happens when you say your dreams out loud or write them down and put it out there. Lets hope it manifests for The Knighthood.


The Knighthood SoundCloud

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