It’s Time For All Of Us To Jump On This Voting Ting

Right mate, if you’re anything like me you are living somewhere between, not paying attention to current affairs because it’s too painful and making sure everyone you know is registered to vote and religiously checking rants and bants social for new perspectives on the current shit show we will call the general election for giggles.

Truth is I am waiting for the end of the world to roll in steadfast, with a few man dem, seven to be precise, to roll in on a horse ting and just done the dance.

That being said, I’m obviously gonna vote. Like I have to vote and I am hassling my family to register, but why? What’s changed? Do we really think we are gonna pull a France and change anything? I certainly don’t think so.

Why am I trying to get my mother who has been apathetic my whole life and has raised me on a solid diet of “they don’t care about us” to go to the ballot box and vote for Corbz? I am not sure. I think it would be a much more coherent piece of writing for me to come at you in straight lines and say I know why I am doing this, but I really don’t.

That being said, there are some things I do know. This is the most politically engaged I have seen myself and my community in ever, and I mean I studied politics and law so this ain’t new to me, but I mean I am really present. I’ve watched Newsnight with my mum for over 20 years, what’s happened on there has never ever spoke to me, my community or my life.

When I see my little sister talking about Corbz, and JME tagging manifesto I know something big is happening. I am not saying I think that this is gonna change the material difference of Black lives in the UK. Party politics is mostly run by whiteness and wealth, it is unlikely we’ll get an in.

What I am hoping though is that this has created a feeling on mass among Black British people that we are not the place where the shit stops, our communities don’t have to just sit there and take it, we are not a powerless bunch, of uninterested people. I don’t think that their system will be our freedom, but I do think we have to be together to drag it down.

Whilst I am here, I’m not against apathy, I think it can be an amazing tool when utilised en mass with a voice along side it. Our problem is that we have not used it in that way.  

Don’t get hype, this is a small moment in a life of struggle, and fighting, if you are really ‘bout it, ’bout it fam, you gotta go vote. Register by Monday and obviously vote Corbz, then think about how you can use this political energy to change the lives of your communities and make the world a more balanced and fair place.  Party politics won’t save us, but I am not having our absence used as a reason to hurt us anymore.

That’s what I think anyway. 


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